Clare Rojas

Clare Rojas is a multi-disciplinary artist whose illustrations, paintings and writing weave an intricate world filled with legends and folklore that are inherently connected to modern life. Rojas' graphic art encompasses a broad spectrum from modern abstract to whimsical caricatures of humans, animals and even plants. Her illustrated books features stories of human characters seeking deeper relationships to nature and to each other.

Peggy Honeywell for Room 205

Through her musical alter-ego Peggy Honeywell, Rojas lends a unique voice to her visual art. A self-taught guitar and banjo player, Honeywell's mesmerizing style ranges from easygoing tales of everyday life to deep meditations on friendship, love and the human spirit.


The Collection

IIncase for Clare Rojas is a capsule collection for Apple device users who have an appreciation of both art and technology. Each piece features exclusive artwork created specifically for Incase applied to durable cotton canvas for a rich tactile experience.