Ryan McGinness

Ryan McGinness is an American artist known for his extensive vocabulary of graphic drawings that use the visual language of public signage, corporate logos and contemporary iconography to create paintings, sculptures and environments. He studied at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania as an Andrew Carnegie Scholar and interned at the Andy Warhol Museum. McGinness' work can be found in permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Cincinnati Art Museum, MUSAC in Spain and the Misumi Collection in Japan.

Ryan McGinness's Work


The Collection

This limited edition collection has been made in partnership with renowned artist Ryan McGinness, and is designed for Apple device users with an appreciation of both art and technology. Each piece features exclusive artwork from the Black Holes series created specifically for Incase. Inspired by "event horizons," the celestial light show that accompanies the collapse of light and matter into a black hold, the Black Holes series explores outer space, the inner space of the mind, and as McGinness wryly puts it, "uber fanciness." Their concentric patterns depict the theoretical physics of the universe while simultaneously creating mindscape portals to provoke a psychedelic response from the viewer.