Fusing precision engineering with innovative construction, Tensaerlite is a proprietary
EVA foam material developed by Incase that delivers superior impact absorption in a
near-weightless build. Its name is derived from a combination of Latin words
describing muscular-like, adaptive capabilities and a lightweight structure.


Specially formulated to be lightweight, flexible and
shock absorbent, Tensaerlite is similar in make up
to materials found in performance footwear,
enabling maximum efficiency and durability
in a near-weightless build.


Lightweight EVA foam for
maximum impact absorption

One material. Multiple forms.
Tensaerlite's hard-wearing structure provides superior impact absorption,
covering even the most susceptible spots with the highest degree of security
for lasting device protection.
The flexible, yet durable nature of Tensaerlite Protection Technology allows for its
application across multiple products and categories using hybrid construction
methods perfected through Incase engineering and manufacturing expertise.
Products created from Tensaerlite undergo an injection-molding
process for a completely customized fit, ensuring the utmost
protection to your devices.