Reducing waste through good design.

Fabric for change.

In 2016 alone, 6,172 million pounds of PET plastic were available for recycling. Of that number, only 1,753 million pounds (about 28.4%) were collected through recycling programs. That’s where Diamond Ripstop—a blend of 63% recycled PET polyester and 37% polyester—comes in. By encouraging the use of eco-conscious materials made from recycled PET bottles, we can help increase the awareness and production of these fabrics to reduce the amount of plastic waste in our environment.

Incredibly strong. Astonishingly light.

Diamond Ripstop is a sustainable polyester fabric made from recycled PET bottles—an effective solution that reduces plastic waste while creating a lightweight, versatile material with exceptional performance.

Made to perform.

Diamond Ripstop is made with a 300D fabric weave sewn with reinforcement fibers in a crosshatch pattern, a technique in which the yarn is woven in repeating sets of intersecting lines, resulting in its diamond-like pattern. This construction method provides a tight weave with low porosity, delivering high resistance to wear, tear, shrinking, moisture, mildew and even airflow, so you get more from your Diamond Ripstop bag for longer.